September 3, 2003 in Personal

Driving Skills

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Based on my performance tonight on the Tectrix Virtual Reality Bike, I’m a terrible driver. I drove under the speed limit and still managed to crash several times. Shocking I tell you, just shocking! Well maybe not. While I do have a driver’s license, I don’t own a car in real life. I work downtown which takes me about 20 minutes on the bus. Plus almost everything I need is within walking distance from my apartment and having a car in my neighborhood is such a major headache. Heck, friends won’t come visit me because parking is so horrible. Thus I guess I’ll just need to keep going back to the gym to perfect my driving technique. Btw, the virtual reality software makes riding a stationary bike much more interesting. It’s like playing a video game while your exercising. Way cool!

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  1. September 4, 2003 at 2:23 pm


    Try crashing a real bike into a parked car, then come and talk to me…yes, I really did that, and no, it wasn’t very attractive. LOL!

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