November 1, 2003 in Dating

Dreaming About Ex-Boyfriends

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I keep dreaming about my ex-boyfriends. For example, earlier this week I dreamt about my boyfriend from junior year at Michigan. Strange that I should be dreaming about him since things ended so badly. Stranger still that he should show up in the dream with friends from high school looking for me. I’ve also been dreaming about the one boyfriend I thought I would marry. Actually I dream about him a lot. Most often, I’m usually at his family’s house in Boston. Not sure what to make of these dreams. I have no unresolved issues or desire to get back with either. Hmmm. Maybe, I just need to get myself a new boyfriend to dream about. I hate being haunted by the past.

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  1. November 2, 2003 at 5:01 pm


    Usually everyone in your dreams is *you*.
    Our brains associate a quality of our personality with an external person who our subconscious thinks embodies or at least represents that quality. That way, during dreams, our brain kind of sorts through our feelings and experiences, putting faces on things that are quite intangible.
    A good way to start with dream analysis is to write down the name of a person who is appearing frequently in your dreams. Then get into a meditative state and look at the person’s name. Pay attention to the words or images that pop into your head, and write those down as well. Once you’ve hit on the right quality, you’ll get an “a-ha!” feeling that is your subconscious clicking with your conscious being. So then think about the circumstances that part of your Self is in in the dream. There are some archetypes that tend to show up in many people’s dreams (for example, urination in a dream tends to suggest ‘letting go’), but it’s your own intuition that will tell you the right interpretation.

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