June 2, 2012 in Beauty & Hair

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

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Yesterday I went to a casting to be in a Dove commercial. I’d received the invite a few weeks earlier and totally ignored. Then last week, I got another invite. And since I was going to be in the city on the date of the casting, decided to attend. I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Surprisingly, there weren’t that many other women there. And the audition didn’t take all that long — I just had to pose for a few pictures.

So will I get picked for the all expense paid plus fees shoot mid June in Prague? Well while it would be great, not really counting on it. But I do like the fact that I even got the opportunity. And I suppose it’s one of the reasons why I use Dove quite regularly. Since they launched the worldwide Dove Campaign for Real Beauty back in 2004, they stopped using actresses and models in their advertisements. Now just confident women who have embraced their bodies’ flaws and all. It was a bold step back then and even today since so many brands continue to put forward a false image of beauty that is often unattainable as what is presented is retouched and airbrushed.

Thus, props to Dove for continuing to use “real women” of all shapes, sizes and colour – and glamorising ordinary beauty! And oh yeah, I do think that their product makes ones skin smooth and silky!

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  1. August 15, 2012 at 1:04 am


    I hate to burst your bubble.


    Owned by Unilever


    Owned by Unilever



    What do you think they’re trying to do? They’re also saying they are contributing money to a “self esteem’ fund for females around the globe. This is called “guilting”. you wouldn’t want to NOT help people having the same problem as you, would you?

    This is advertising 101.

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