August 28, 2008 in Politics

DNC lovefest

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It is almost a week on, and I am still experiencing Olympic withdrawal symptoms. The good news is that the Paralympics start in a week and in the interim, I can overdose on coverage of the Democratic National Party Convention.
Speaking of coverage, let’s start with Monday night. Michelle Obama looked fabulous! However, I am not sure her dress was appropriate for the occasion. Now I’m not suggesting that she needed to dress like the pantsuit brigade, but I would have liked to have seen her in something a bit more tailored and befitting the historic occasion. I felt the dress which showed off her near perfect figure is more appropriate for a cocktail party. But hey, what do I know. I’m hardly a fashionista. Plus what really mattered was what she had to say and the tone taken in saying it. Overall, I think she did a beautiful job. She demonstrated great passion for family and country throughout the speech. Furthermore, by sharing so much about her and Barack’s family history in a relaxed yet commanding manner, I think she did a lot to make them both more likeable.
However, the speech that really moved me on Monday night was that given by the senior Senator from Massachusetts – Edward “Ted” Kennedy. Knowing that he has a brain tumor — and in all likelihood this will be his last time at a national convention – tears welled in my eyes. He has served America well during his 45+ years in the Senate and it’s such a shame that tragedies in his personal life prevented him from rising to the office of the Presidency.
Moving on to Tuesday night, I thought Senator Clinton gave a rousing endorsement of Senator Obama and was pleased that she spent a great deal of time asking her supporters to get behind the presumptive nominee. President Clinton did much of the same on Wednesday night. No surprise there really. I expect Senator Clinton will run again for the Presidency. Thus, this was a first step. They need to show publicly that they are doing all they can to help Senator Obama get elected. As such, here’s hoping that she’ll have to wait until 2016 instead of 2012 for that opportunity.
So thank goodness for people like Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner and Senator Biden who took the time to really make the case as to why Senator Obama is a much better candidate for the Presidency than Senator McCain. With that, I can’t wait for Senator Obama’s acceptance speech tonight. It’s been moving to watch the process play out these last few days, but I am ready for the main act. This is his moment, this is his time!

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