December 22, 2006 in Dating, Montserrat, Travel


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Yesterday while at the airport waiting for my luggage to arrive, I had a drink at the bar with my Aunt. Across the bar from me what this guy (now to be known as Airport Guy) who I knew was checking me out. Normally, I would be obviously to such things, but I felt his gaze. It was intense. Eventually, he waived at me and something within me gave me the courage to walk over to where he was sitting. We spoke briefly before I was called away to go through security to collect my luggage. Later we ended up chatting again and he told me among other things that I was beautiful. Now I know it was totally a line but I fell for it. Blame it on the heat. Or maybe, just maybe, it had something to do with the fact that he was tall, dark and really good looking.
Later, I saw him at the carnival. We spoke again and I felt butterflies in my stomach. It’s weird but I can’t stop thinking about him. Thus I am a bit disappointed that he hasn’t called but perhaps it is for the best. He lives in Jamaica and so he’s geographically undesirable. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from day dreaming.
Two distractions also occurred today. The first happened when I went to the BBC (not the radio station but a store in town) to buy a few supplies. While there, it started to rain really hard. So once I came out of the store, I just stood around waiting for the rain to stop. This guy came up and started talking to me. At first I thought it was mindless chatter, but then it became apparent that he was hitting on me. Of course, I got immediately turned off when through a series of questions I uncovered that he was married with children.
Then when I got home, Nenen told me that someone I knew back in the day, popped around a few times to visit. I didn’t remember him which I know was somewhat disappointing for him as he said we were really good friends. It was a bit weird. He seemed genuinely excited to see me and offered to be my tour guide to the island. I just might take him up on the offer.

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