August 29, 2003 in Friends

Dinner With A New Friend

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Earlier tonight I had dinner with someone I hope will become a good friend. She’d seen my blog profile in the Chicago Tribune and had left a comment on a recent post about my apartment which I had referred to as my prison. That lead to a series of emails where we discovered we have a lot in common. Thinking it might be nice to make a new friend, I invited her to lunch one day. In that she worked in the suburbs, we ended up going to dinner @ Platiyo a “modern Mexican eatery.” I’d been next door a few times eating at Mia Francesca so it was nice to finally check out Platiyo. Luckily, things were not awkward and I was pleased with my food. I had the pork chop which was just yummy! More importantly, the conversation flowed and it further confirmed that we have so many things in common so I’m sure we’ll hang out again. You know, I’ve talked to a lot of wonderful people online since I started this blog, but it’s really great when you meet one in person that has the potential to be a real life friend. So here’s to new friendships.

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