March 28, 2004 in Family

Diet Sabotage

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It’s hard to stick to a diet when you eat out as much as I do. On Friday night I couldn’t resist eating BBQ ribs at Freddy’s. Then on Saturday night, I went to dinner at Sabri Nihari with my sister and her husband. If you know anything about Pakistani cuisine, you’ll know that it’s not exactly low carb or low fat. Much of what was on the menu was deep fried or cooked in rich sauces. So I just sort of gave in. I wanted the full experience. Then, my sister and her family came over tonight and we cooked a full meal again. It was all very good, but my body is somewhat in shock. It’s been months since I’ve eaten such rich foods. If the gym was still open, I’d actually go right now. Hopefully, I’ll still feel motivated tomorrow. I talk a good game, but I haven’t really stuck to my work out plan and so can’t afford to get too off track with my diet. I’ve got 15lbs to go before I reach the weight loss goal I set for myself last August — and I’m determined to reach there before my birthday in August.

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  1. March 29, 2004 at 1:15 am


    congratulations! you’ll definitely reach you’re goal

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