August 1, 2007 in Home & Garden

Damn Lawyers

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In an effort to move the house sale along, I have taken to calling my lawyer each day. Yesterday I phone him twice. He returned the call and then proceeded to preference the conversation by saying it’s a courtesy call as he has nothing new to report.
I wanted to yell and scream obscenities down the phone but I reframed from doing so as I still need his help to close the sale.
That said, I really just don’t understand why the process of purchasing a property in the UK needs to take 3-4 months once an offer has been accepted. In the US, you get things done in about 3-4 weeks. Other colleagues tell me its the same for Australia. Here the attorneys seem to want to drag things out for months on end.
It’s all so f@$king annoying since less than two weeks after my offer was accepted the bank had approved my loan and all the relevant searches were run. Thus, any queries that came as a result of the search should have long been answered.
New goal is to have sale complete before my birthday. Of course this is only 10 days away so I just might have to change my mind about screaming obscenities. This tactic seems to work for a colleague who is also undergoing a similar hellish experience trying to get on the London property ladder.

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