August 3, 2011 in Dating, Montserrat

Damaged Goods

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AirportGuy reappeared a few weeks ago. Long-time readers will know that I met him at the airport in Montserrat (December 2006) and started a whirlwind romance that I knew instinctively was doomed almost from the beginning.

DamagedGoods.jpgI say this now in hindsight, but there were clear signs at the beginning that all was not well in Paradise. But hey, I got caught up in the moment and didn’t do my normal due diligence. Anyway, I endured for about ten months and then finally built up the courage to say enough was enough.

I would have done it sooner, but as until then I hadn’t really broken up with anyone before – I was nervous about ending it. So for months I agonised over the decision. I suppose I’d hope that the additional time would provide him with the opportunity to make things right. That never happened.

Anyway, he found out about my trip to Montserrat for family reunion and via Facebook inquired why I hadn’t informed him of my visit.

I politely replied that since he had said such awful things to me the last time we spoke, I saw no real reason to keep up the pretence of a friendship. Sure I would be civil if I ran into him, but I wasn’t going to seek out opportunities to speak or socialise with him.

This caused him great offense and between telling me that I needed to check myself — he proceeded to once again profess his undying love for me. I in turn just brushed it all aside because he’s still married – something he forgot to tell me when we first started dating and even now won’t admit to.

At any rate, even if he wasn’t now still married, I’d be a fool to get back with him after what I now know. So I thank the Lord that things never got more serious because as much as I want the happily ever after, he is so not the one.

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