June 18, 2003 in Current Events

Current State of American Families

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I’m not 100% sure where David Blankenhorn @ MarriageMovement.org gets this data below, but if correct, it’s definitely good news.

TRENDS: Thinking back on recent reports, it appears that the following things have happened since about 1995. Proportion of African-American children in own-two-parent married couple homes, up. Proportion of all U.S. children in two-parent homes, up. Martial fertility, up. Reported marital happiness, up. Proportion of children born to unwed parents, roughly stagnant. Teen pregnancy, down. Teen sex, down. Abortion, down. Child poverty, down. Concentrated poverty (live in neighborhoods where 40 percent or more are poor), down. We have to grow up and face facts: there is some good news.

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  1. June 19, 2003 at 9:56 am


    Those things are all good news. Thanks for making my day sunnier. 🙂

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