July 30, 2006 in Work


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Blogging has been light these past few weeks as I was seriously contemplating my professional career. Things came to a head last Wednesday when I basically walked out. To make sure that I stuck to my decision, I sent management a lengthy email later that night explaining my decision. Then on Thursday, I received calls from two levels in the management structure asking me to reconsider. So I have a big decision to make this upcoming week. Regardless of what happens, I’ve made the decision to pursue getting a graduate degree next year. Not sure yet if I’ll go full or part-time. I suspect it will depend on what happens in the next few weeks and months . Either way, with 20+ years of work ahead of me before I retire, I want to get an MBA to better ensure progression in my career. Plus I’d like to work in other parts of the world and having an MBA will help that process. More importantly, after so many years of being in the wilderness as to what to do with myself professionally, I finally have clarity. So instead of fretting about my age (I’ll be 37 when I enroll) and how this might affect my chances for having a family, I’m just going to go for it. God has a plan for us all and I just have to trust that things will work themselves out in the end.

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  1. July 31, 2006 at 2:24 pm


    Whatever your decision is about your job, I wish you all the best. And you get lots of admiration from me for making the decision to start a new endeavour by going back to school. I’m sure that you will be succesful with that, because from reading your blog over the past few years, I know that you are nothing if not determined.

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