June 18, 2007 in Home & Garden

Counting Down The Days

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Since my offer on the house (in Bromley, Kent) was accepted, I don’t know what to do with myself in the evenings. The obvious thing would be to start being social again but can’t bring myself to do this as being social requires that you spend money and I’m watching my expenditures. Particularly as once I pay the 10% deposit as well as other assorted fees my bank balance will be the lowest it’s been in years. This worries me a bit, but I know I’ll manage. I don’t have credit card debts, so in time I’ll build up my savings again. Particularly as my mortgage payment is not much higher than what I was paying in rent.
That said, I’m getting really excited and also extremely nervous about owning my first home. I won’t be able to call up the landlord and ask for repairs. Whatever needs doing, will fall on me. This is a bit nerve wrecking, but I know I’ll pull through. I just need to find a good handy man in the neighbourhood. Or better yet, I need to become a DIY expert. Heck, my Mom did it when we were growing up, so why not me!
So when exactly am I moving in? Well hopefully by the end of July. The survey was completed about a week ago and my mortgage was subsequently approved. Plus all the other required searches re the property are all done. Thus, what needs to happen now are for the vendors solicitors to send my lawyers a draft contract. Hopefully we can get this sorted soon. I’m extremely grateful to the family friends that let me stay with them while I looked for a place, but I’m so ready to move. I want to be surrounded by my own things again. Choo-Choo and I need our space.

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