July 4, 2007 in Politics

Controlled Explosion

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I have been desperately trying to ignore recent stories related to the failed car bombings in London & Glasgow. I have enough stress related to purchasing the house that I definitely don’t need to be dwelling on terrorist activities. However, it all came front and centre today when my colleagues and I were quickly ushered into the middle of the building away from glass windows as there was a suspect vehicle outside. Thankfully the police were able to deal with the matter quickly, but it was all a bit scary. Particularly when you factor in that quite a few of the suspects are doctors. Whatever happened to the doctor’s Hypocritical Oath to do no harm? Doesn’t that apply to all aspects of their lives? Or does it just apply to when they are dealing with patients? Either way, it’s all a bit disconcerting to know that there are medical professionals secretly plotting to blow innocent civilians up.

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