February 19, 2003 in Blogs

Choo-Choo Speaks

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This is a test to see if this thing really works. I’ve been meaning to write but I’ve been too busy eating, sleeping, pooing, and coughing up hair balls all over the place. The only reason I’m writing now is that mommy (aka Ursula) is forcing me to. Actually, I’m dictating this to her. I’m simply too lazy to do it myself. But with my birthday approaching (in April), I thought I might start blogging now so I can build up my fan base. Yeah, I admit it. I really just want people to like me so they can send me some free stuff. Hey, at least I’m honest! In case your kind of confused as to who the helll I am, go here. Don’t I look like a lion? I am the King of my jungle!! Well really, just mommy’s apartment!

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