August 23, 2003 in Entertainment

Chicago Underground Film Festival

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The 2003 Chicago Underground Film Festival runs Wednesday, August 27 through Tuesday, September 2nd. The one movie I’m gunning to see is Scrabylon: A documentary on the cut-throat world of tournament Scrabble. I’ve never competed in one of these tournaments, but the summer after my freshman and sophomore year at college, I was a tutor for the Urban Scholars Program at University of Massachusetts of Boston. During both summers, I played a lot of scrabble with fellow tutors many of whom where from Ivy League schools. At the end of each, I took great pride in being crowned Scrabble Champion. Of course, now I suck and can’t even beat my best guy friend. Well to be fair, he beats me at every board game we play which bites even more but hey, he went to Michigan too. Anyway, can’t wait to see Scrabylon. So I’ve got to figure out how I can rearrange schedule to see this movie.

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