March 24, 2007 in Dating, Family, London, Property

Changes and More Changes

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With my 2 year anniversary in London fast approaching, about a month ago I decided to kick things up a bit. Specifically, I’ve been spending more time out after work and on the weekends being social. I also decided to try and exercise more and not drink alcohol. Now I’m not a big alcohol drinker to begin with (I’ve only been throw up drunk once in my life), but in that drinking in a big part of the English culture, I’ve finding it a bit hard. Mainly because people just don’t go out for 1 drink, they have several. And watching everyone else get drunk while you remain sober gets old after a while.
In other news, I have to move in a few weeks. Despite the fact that I’ve paid my rent on time to my landlord each month, he has failed to pay the mortgage and so the property is being repossessed. I’m most annoyed by this as I didn’t rent from a doggy estate agent. I rented from Foxtons one of the largest estate agents in London. In fairness to Foxtons, they have been quite sympathetic but in that they just manage and do not own the property, there is nothing they can do. So I’m pissed off about the whole situation.
Moving beyond my anger, I am trying to think about my next move. Do I continue to rent? Or do I try and get on the London property ladder? After this experience I’m leaning towards buying but somewhat worried that I won’t be able to afford a 2 bedroom flat in my desired neighbourhood. So visiting a mortage broker on Monday to get the process rolling. And since I have to move from my current place by 17th April, I’ll also be looking for a 6 month rental situation. Thinking that will give me enough time to traipse around London with various estate agents in search of that elusive dream home flat.
With that in mind, everyone out there who owes me money (you know who you are), needs to repay the debt. London is one of the most expensive housing markets in the world and being a single gal, I am going to need every penny to make this dream a reality.

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