March 30, 2006 in London

Celebrity? Ha!

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I moved to London almost one year ago and I have yet to figure out who the real celebrities are in the UK.
In all honesty, I tend to gravitate more towards the American shows on television and in the theatre. Also, when I’m at the newsstand looking through the celebrity magazines, its mostly American actors and actresses on the covers. Or else, it will be clothing models like cokehead Kate Moss or glamour (really nude) models like Jordan aka Katie Price. Worse yet, celebrity Big Brother winner, Chantelle, who wasn’t a celebrity before she won Celebrity Big Brother.
Now I don’t begrudge these chavs their time in the spotlight. But I do think it is disgraceful that talented UK actors and actresses aren’t the ones gracing the covers of the local celebrity magazines. Also, I find it quite appalling that the public’s appetite for these magazines that continually promote people not because of their singing/acting/dancing/athletic talents – but mainly because of their anti-social behavior continues to grow.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of celebrity gossip but only when it involves people who have some real talent — and I’m sorry but being a cokehead, chav footballers wife, glamour model, Big Brother winner, etc. does not count as actual talent.

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