May 1, 2006 in Gadgets

Car Boot Sales

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Back in Chicago, I loved going to yard and estates sales. I particularly liked estate sales as the possession of the deceased were like findings at an archeological dig. They offered great insight into the persons life and history. More importantly, I liked going as there was always the possibility of finding that rare first edition book, antique lamp, furniture, etc.
Now since arriving in London, I’ve resisted the urge to go to the UK equivalent, the car boot sale. Mainly because I’m a hoarder and with space at a premium, I do not want to start cluttering up the apartment again. But with spring in the air, I ended up going to two this weekend as I was on the hunt for a wooden coat stand. Most of the stuff there was reminiscent of what you would find at a yard sale and really should be trashed. But you know the saying, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
I didn’t find a coat stand, but I did manage to find a lovely faux tiffany style lamp and a few DVDs. So in future weekends, I’m going to have to seek out the better car boot sales in London. However, I’m really going to have to resist the urge to puchase something just because it might be a good bargain. Particularly since I have no space for junk or new collections.

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