December 21, 2002 in Home & Garden

Can I Speak to the Man of the House?

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Being in sales for a national consulting company, I make my share of cold calls every day to corporate executives in accounting/finance/IT departments. Thus, when telemarketing companies call me at home, I tend to listen to the pitch even though I usually say no to whatever they’re selling. But lately, I’ve been getting calls from companies that want to do opinion surveys. They usually start off by telling me the name of the firm and then indicating that they’re not selling anything but want to take down the opinions of the household. But they only want to speak the male of the household. Since I’m a single gal with no husband or any real prospects in sight, they usually don’t want to talk to me once I explain. But the next time I get such a call, thinking I’ll put my cat Choo-Choo on the phone. I’ll let him meow into the phone. He is after all, the male of my household.


  1. October 9, 2004 at 7:48 pm


    i’ve been havin pattck attack for about 2 years now they been a real pain i hate them…they happend when i get bored or really upset about something i sit at home almost all of the time i dont like gettin out much because i’m scared of havin a attack infornt of alot of people. when i have a attack i fell really sick like i am gonna throw up and i get realy dizey and feel like i am gonna pass out of the floor, sometime my body feels really funny i get these wired feelins come over me like i am gonna die,,,i’ve even had to go to the hostipal one night at 1:00 am because of them because i thought i was gonna die. i wish i couldnt have them and at least knowed someone else who had them too to we could talk about it… i’m 19 years old i shouldnt feel like i do so scaryed of it. i wish someone could help me.. if anyone wants to talk to me you can e-mail anything you like thanks!!

  2. December 21, 2002 at 5:22 am


    Well that certainly sounds a little sexist… You should say something like…
    “I don’t have a husband, are you interested sweetheart? I’ve only been married 4 times. I buried ’em all. Unexplained illness. So odd. How ’bout Friday night?”

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