August 2, 2007 in London

Business Opportunity

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Rampant inflation is putting basic services for worker-bees like me out of reach. Case in point, dry cleaning. I took three suit jacks and a pair of pants to the dry cleaner near Queens Park Station and was billed £25 ($50 US). At these prices, I’ll be paying for the items which I purchased in the US several times over in the span of just one year. This is just outrageous!
In fairness, I should point out that in Wimbledon where I use to live, I would pay £14 ($28 US) to dry clean those same four items. That is still expensive but it is a lot more reasonable. Thus if I planned to live in Queens Park permanently and I wanted to leave the corporate world behind, I would consider setting up a dry cleaning business in the area.
Granted overhead cost in the UK are more expensive that US, but the mark-up for dry cleaning services are just out of whack. Thus there is room in the market for a dry cleaner who would continue to provide a high level of service at a more economical price.

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