December 19, 2002 in Iraq War

Bush II is Gearing Up for WAR

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I’m sure this is no surprise to many, but it looks like America is going to war sometime next year. According to Secretary Colin Powell, Iraq is in “material breach” of a U.N. disarmament resolution. And “the world will not wait forever.” God help us!! Since Bush II wants to finish what Bush I didn’t, I have this awful feeling that things are going to be a lot worse than Desert Storm. Saddam is not going to go quietly. Even if he is captured and or killed, this won’t be a 100 day war. As with Afghanistan, American/British/UN troops are going to be in Baghdad for a long time. This pains me greatly as my nephew recently joined the military. Thankfully, he had to good enough sense to join the United Staes Airforce and not the Marines.
And wondering, after we’re done with Iraq, is Iran & North Korea next?


  1. December 20, 2002 at 6:29 pm


    I’m proud of my nephew. And yes, I get enraged when people who have never served in a war, are being totally hawkish. While I strongly believe than a country has the right to go to war to defend its borders and citizens, I think that should be the last resort. Other alternatives should be sought first. That’s why this current administration frustrated me. If it wasn’t for Secretary Powell, America would already be at war. Thankfully, the experienced General was able to persuade Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld/Rice to at least go the route of the UN first.

  2. December 20, 2002 at 3:03 am

    Leigh Hanlon

    You make an excellent point regarding the possibility of war with Iraq. And your concerns about your nephew touch on another issue that has always troubled me. Are you bothered when those who do not have loved ones in the military are quick to adopt a hawkish attitude and advocate that we “go kick some raghead butt.”
    These people would just as soon let someone else — or someone else’s son, daughter, nephew, niece, father or mother — go defend our country.
    Be proud of what your nephew is doing.

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