December 10, 2007 in Dating


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My first date post break up with AirportGuy went relatively well. Will there be a second date? He — Burkina Faso Guy (he was born there) hinted that he would like that. Would I like that? Not so sure. He is a professional/ambitious/ intelligent/attractive guy but he comes with a lot of baggage. The kind of baggage that I would have been ok with maybe two years ago, but now it just makes me want to run. Particularly as having worked through my own issues, I would prefer to date someone who doesn’t have complications with ex-girlfriends/wives.
So am I disappointed? Not really! The purpose of going on the date, was just to get myself back out there. I know I have much to offer a potential boyfriend/husband however when you are in a dysfunctional relationship your confidence and self esteem is not what it should be. So it was good to have someone stroke my ego and confirm what I already know. I got it going on!

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