June 24, 2003 in Current Events

Brother’s Keeper

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Only in Boston could it be possible for one brother (Bill Bulger) to be president of a major university while the other (Whitey) is allegedly running the Boston mafia.

Newsweek, June 30 issue — Bostonians follow the Bulgers like they’re “The Sopranos.” For decades, “good brother” Bill ran the Massachusetts Senate while “bad brother” Whitey ran Boston’s underworld.
ONE PUSHED THROUGH legislation on child abuse while the other pushed out his Italian competition by becoming an FBI informant. Whitey was so wily that he made a de facto gang member out of his FBI handler, who was arrested in 1995 while Whitey fled and took up residence on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list.
Bill, now president of the University of Massachusetts, has battled allegations that he aided Whitey and benefited from mob influence. Under immunity last week in Washington, Bill, 69, told an incredulous Government Reform Committee that he didn’t know where Whitey was. He worries that his critics will seize on minor inconsistencies in his testimony. “I hope everyone knows that if you tell a story eight times you’re going to get eight different versions,” Bulger told NEWSWEEK. He lambasted the Feds for forcing him to testify. “At one time it was effective to put people on a rack, too,” he said. “Is it ethical to play family member against family member?”

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