June 29, 2005 in Books

Boy Toy Turns Out To Be Gay

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Terry McMillian’s boy toy that inspired the book (and subsequent movie) titled: How Stella Got Her Groove Back turns out to be gay. Dear God! Say it isn’t so. After reading that book shortly after graduating from college in 1992, I wanted to run off to a Jamaican resort to find the man of my dreams. But I resisted the urge because Caribbean men are notorious womanizers. Plus I had no money and I was also optimistic that by the time I turned 40ish, I’d be happily married and have no need for a boy toy. But here I am, almost 35 and still single without a decent prospect in sight. Oh well! There is more to life than being married with children. Well at least that’s what I tell myself through those lonely nights.
Hat tips for this scoop to Jennifer Weiner. She is one of my favorite authors!!

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