October 21, 2006 in Dating

Boy Dreams

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A boy (man really) I’ve known for 10+ years told me earlier this year that he had the hots for me at one point. Of course I was totally clueless at the time. Now I can’t stop dreaming about him. It is totally driving me mad. I mean, he’s in the US, I’m in the UK and it is totally impractical to even think about exploring anything but the dreams are so constant that it does make me wonder.
I also dreamt that another boy I met this past summer asked me out. I know I was projecting in the dream, but I have no idea if he would even like me in that way. Of course, he too also lives in the US.
Do we see a pattern here? Hmmmm! At least I can take comfort in the fact that I’m not dreaming about Racquetball Guy.

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