July 30, 2003 in Current Events

Bob Hope’s Obituary Written by A Dead Man

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In talking to my best guy friend earlier today, he told me that The New York Times had published an obituary on Bob Hope written in 1999 by Vincent Canby. The fact that the obituary was written long ago is not really usual, but what makes this story interesting is that The New York Times posted the article, even though Mr. Canby has been dead since 2000. Granted that not much has happened these last few years in Bob Hope’s life to really warrant an update, but come on. I guess dead men do tell tales.

Bob Hope, Master of One-Liners and Friend to GI’s, Dies at 100
New York Times – Jul 28, 2003
… obituary was written in 1999 by Vincent Canby, a film and theater critic for The Times. Mr. Canby died in 2000. By VINCENT CANBY There was nothing Bob Hope …

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