May 18, 2003 in Entertainment

Blue Car

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Friday night was the Chicago premiere of Blue Car the movie written and directed by one of my best friend’s sister. I had seen the movie six months ago at the Chicago Film Festival, but I welcomed the opportunity to see it again, as I really enjoyed it the first time. The second time was no different. I also went as Karen (the director) was going to be there to answer questions about her first feature film. As always, she was gracious with her answers. Plus she was energetic, even though she was answering many of the questions for like the billionth time. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I know I wouldn’t have the patience to keep answering the same questions over and over again as required when promoting a movie.
After the movie, we headed to Biggs Steak House, Seafood & Wine Cellar for drinks and appetizers. It was extremely crowded and stuffy at first, but things relaxed as the evening went on. I had a great time munching on food, drinking wine and chatting with friends. We got so comfortable towards the end of the evening that we somehow started talking about . My friend Leigh surprised us by sharing his experience with the arousal enhancer. He mentioned that he used if for about 2 months shortly after he lost his job last year as it was a very trying time. I was stunned by his openness, but I greatly admire his honesty. After all, it’s just a drug. Heck, if there was one for women, I’d take it. Even when there is no major drama, most women (me included) have a difficult time achieving orgasm during sex. For the record, Leigh gave me explicit permission last night to blog the Viagra story. So I?m not outing him or anything!
Well back to the movie. If you’re looking for an alternative to this summer?s big budget sequels, Blue Car is it. So check it out. I think you?ll be pleasantly surprised. Below is a brief summary.

An 18-year-old aspiring poet (Agnes Bruckner), abandoned by her father and neglected by her overworked mother, looks to her English teacher (David Strathairn) for comfort and inspiration. What begins as a mentoring relationship becomes increasingly complex as the tension in her family escalates.

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