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Online Persona Undermines a Résumé

I continue to be concerned about how my online persona is/will affect my personal and professional life and so more and more I have an internal debate with myself about whether or not to share an opinion or discuss personal matters. Particularly when I come across more and more articles like the recent New York Times article about how people’s online persona is affecting their offline life — and most often, not in a good way. But, I ‘m determined to press on, because I want to document my personal history and having a blog keeps me accountable to the […]

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LivingDot Rocks!

Thanks to continued excellent customer service provided by the fine folks over at LivingDot, I am now running this blog with the latest version of movable type. Thinking this will go along way in solving the trackback spam problem I was experiencing. As such, you no longer need to use typekey to leave a comment.

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TrackBack Spam

I am fighting a loosing battle against trackback spam. The more I delete and de-spam, the more they appear. This in turn is affecting your ability to leave comments. As such, those who wish to comment on my blog will need to register with TypeKey. The beauty of this service which is free, is that you can also used it on thousands of other blogs powered by Moveable Type. More importantly, it will ensure that your comments which I welcome get automatically registered. So thanks in advance for complying while I figure out a long term solution to trackback spam.

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Every now and I then I turn into a sellout and pimp another blog service directly in one of my posts. Of course, it is all in the name of getting more traffic for my blog. This time around its for BlogMad. So what exactly is this BlogMad? Well it’s a blog traffic generating service like BlogExlposion. However, unlike that service where you get sent one visitor for every 2 sites you visit, with BlogMad they will go one better and send you one visitor for every site your visit. So while on the search for new blogs, this will […]

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If you’d like to be notified of my new posts via email, you can register to received updates via Feedblitz. There is no fee for this service. Also, you can also register anonymously.

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