February 16, 2003 in Blogs

Bloggy Opinions

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Late December, I submitted my weblog to Bloggy Opinions for review. I did so as I was looking for suggestions on how to improve. Looks like it won’t happen. In reading email below which was sent yesterday, you will see that they have suspended all reviews. Oh well! I suppose at some point real life calls and we all have to move on….

“Just wanted to inform you that Bloggy Opinions is no longer conducting reviews. I don’t expect that it will be back up any time soon, if at all. Having to send out reminders on a regular basis and with the loss of a few reviewers, it has been difficult to keep it running smoothly and now that I have much more to worry about (with the upcoming “war” and the possibility of my husband being deployed to Kuwait or Turkey for 6 months and other personal anomalies), it would be best to close it. The reviews that have previously been completed will remain on the site for an undetermined period of time, as well as the directory.
If you haven’t already, you may want to alternately try The Weblog Review [http://www.theweblogreview.com].
Good luck in your blogging experience!
Bloggy Opinions”

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