September 30, 2006 in Blogs

Blog Design:

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For some time, I have wanted to redesign my blog with a more professional look. Particularly since I use my real name and more and more people from my real world life are finding my blog. I did think about trying to do the redesign myself, but in that I’m a novice at html, I thought I’d better leave it to the professionals.
However, after searching around for quite some time, I couldn’t decide on whom to use for the redesign. Prices for blog design are quite varied and even after looking at the portfolios, I wasn’t really sure that I’d be getting good value for my money. So one night while chatting to George via IM, I asked him if he knew anyone that did blog design. He referred me to two people, one of whom I ended up using. And based on the result, let me say that I’m super duper pleased. So for anyone out there looking to set up a new blog or redesign an existing blog, I highly recommend Code 718. The price charged is extremely competitive and the designer listened to my needs and was quite responsive throughout the whole process.

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