October 29, 2003 in Blogs

Blog Chicks

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I just noticed that my blog stats are off the radar. According to Extreme Tracking, yesterday alone, I had over five hundred visitors. Heck, that’s almost twice the amount of visitors I got when I was profiled by the Chicago Tribune this past summer. Upon further investigation, uncovered that most of the referrals are coming via link from Professor James Joyner of Outside the Beltway fame who included me on list of notable blog chicks who have their pictures posted. Since there are a zillion female bloggers out there (ok, maybe just a few hundred thousand), let me say that I feel totally honored to be included on this very short list. Ok, sure the recognition doesn’t relate to my writing, but it’s always good to be noticed by a top blogger in such a crowded landscape. So welcome everyone! Here’s hoping a few of you will stick around for awhile.

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