August 12, 2006 in Personal

Birthday Happenings

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Thanks to everyone who left a birthday greeting below. I had a quiet but lovely day. I spend the morning lounging in bed, and after opening my gift to self from Tiffany’s, I then headed out for a three hour Nordic walk through Wimbledon Common. This was then followed by a full body massage at the Wimbledon Esporta Club. But the best part of the day was the lengthy conversation I had with my “best guy friend.” We talked about everything under the sun and it was pure mental masturbation. Plus it left with me on such a high that it almost made me forget about the fact, that despite drinking a Red Bull, I totally overslept (I was wicked tired after all that walking) and failed to get up in time to go into the city for drinks (I know — pretty lame huh?). I suppose it was for the best, as I had plans back in the city earlier today and I almost overslept for those too. Goodness! Is this all a sign of my age? I never use to get this tired from physical activity.

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