May 31, 2003 in Friends

Best Guy Friend & The Girlfriend

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Well I think I just managed to offend my best guy friend’s girlfriend. He was getting off phone to take shower and asked me if I wanted to talk to her, I responded: do I have to? She heard me. Ok, not the best response, but I’m tired — I was on phone until 2am this morning. The only reason I’m up is because two other people called me this morning. So I decided to make the phone rounds as well. In any event, does being chatty with the best guy friend mean I have to be chatty with the girlfriend too? Don’t get me wrong, I actually like her. She’s good for him. But sometimes I’m not sure we have anything in common besides him. So it’s awkward. Maybe I was just a little too rude. Hopefully she’ll forgive me. Then again, it may not even matter. My friendship with best guy friend is on the rocks. We hardly talk to each other anymore. I suppose that’s my fault since I sort of publicly took a break from the relationship. But I thought we made up when I went to casino with him a few weekends ago. Nope. It’s still rocky. He’s not calling. I’m not calling. So time will only tell whether or not the 10+ year friendship survives. At least he’s still reading my blog.


  1. June 2, 2003 at 3:26 pm


    I’m glad to hear that you were not seriously offended. And I’m glad that you’re willing to try and be friends. SO am I. He likes you and you being tolerant of our friendship is important to me. Most of the others weren’t — so I really appreciate that.
    But for the record, I am not covertly or otherwise blaming you for the current issues related to “Best Guy Friend” and I. But me being rude to you doesn’t help our current situation. Best Guy Friend and I have issues that go back 10 years. It’s a complex friendship. For the most part, it’s quite positive. But there are issues (that you may or may not know about) that when brought to the surface makes me not want to be friends with him. That has nothing to do with you or any other girlfriend he’s ever had. Believe me, I’ve seen them come and go. So I’m not blaming you for anything.

  2. June 2, 2003 at 10:33 am

    The Girlfriend

    For what it’s worth, I was joking when I pretended to be offended. I think the offer in and of itself was intended as a bit of a joke.
    I don’t expect you to be chatty with me. I don’t even expect us to be friends necessarily (although I was willing to try). I agree that we have very little in common, but I have very little in common with alot of the people I’m friends with…that doesn’t dissuade me.
    And the last thing I want to do is to come between your friendship with him, and I don’t really appreciate being covertly blamed for issues between the two of you that I really have very little to do with.

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