May 6, 2007 in Home & Garden

Be Warned

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Anyone who rents this property on Worple Road in Wimbledon is liable to face a simliar situation as I did in March. In the last year I lived in the property, the mortage company sent at least 4 letters indicating that they were contemplating taking repossession of the property as mortage payments were outstanding. Thus, I am baffled as to why Foxton’s would knowingly agree to continue managing this property. Like me, they need to just walk away. Sure its a great property in a fantastic location, but the hassle of dealing with a deadbeat owner is just not worth it. By the way, I was not paying the amount listed. As estate agents like to tell me, the market has moved on A LOT since I moved over here two years ago. And on that note, back to house hunting I go.

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