March 5, 2006 in Dating

Background Checks & Online Dating Sites

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Based on my own personal experience, as well as stories shared by friends(see February 14th post) and random strangers, thinking that if online dating services are to continue at current level or even thrive, they need to start conducting background checks on their members. So, no longer is it acceptable for them to just take people’s money in the hopes of a possible introduction. They have to help their members screen out the fraudsters by conducting criminial and financial background checks. Thus, searching public records information to screen out married people, those with criminal records and bad credit history. I’m not saying these people should be automatically disqualified from being on the site. I just think that since there is a growing population who insist on being less than honest in their profile, online dating service have to step things up and protect their members. Otherwise, as the negative press increases, there businesses will continue to suffer. I myself at this point, have no interest in going back on another online dating service. I know, never say never. But for now, I’d rather just stick with meeting people the old fashion way.

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