December 30, 2003 in Choo-Choo

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My niece is obsessed with her feline cousin Choo-Choo. So every time she comes over, she chases him around and tries to feed him treats. Earlier today she was bugging her mother about what’s going on with Choo-Choo. Her mother in turn calls me up and puts my niece on the phone. Now talking to a 2 year old in person is challenging enough but trying to understand her over the phone drove me bonkers. After 5 minutes of me screaming, what into the phone, I’d had enough. If I have to ask someone to repeat themselves 10 times, then I’m not really interested in talking to them over the phone; not even for a New York minute; even if they are talking to me about my beloved cat, Choo-Choo. Ok, I know I’m ranting here but I just had to get it out. Maybe I’m just tired. My niece was being rather cute about the whole thing. Maybe it was her mother laughing in the background as I screamed into the phone walking down Michigan Ave that sent me over the edge.

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  1. December 31, 2003 at 12:33 am



    i think it was the whole putting a 2 year old on the phone thing period. you coulda been home nice and cozy and it would’ve bugged you.

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