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Athletes Parade Dance Choreography

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Going through the emails received from the London 2012 Ceremonies team, I came across the cheography for the dances we learnt to perform at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony. Specifically, these were performed by the Marshalls on the Field of Play as the athletes came in and by us Mechanicals who were focused on keeping the audience entertained. As with athletes from 194 countries entering the Olympic Stadium, it took quite some time — two hours in fact! So how did we know which dance to perform? Well all Volunteer Performers had ear pieces and instructions were pipped through. Anyway, have a go at learning the routine. Such fun!

1. Big Ben

* Eight funky marches starting on the left foot, at the same time taking both arms up from a low V to a high V for seven counts and pulling both hands down into fists on count 8.
* Punch up (both arms) count 1, hold count 2, punch 3, punch 4
* Right arm then goes to 1 then 2 then 3 O’clock then clap both hands together on count 8.
* Repeat the above section but when it gets to the clock hand section – use the left arm and go to 11, 10 and then 9 O’clock position.
* A total of four counts of eight from start to finish.

2. Rocking Thames

* Four side taps (stepping on 1 count and closing for another count), starting with the left leg first and going to the left.
* Arms are holding out an air guitar, left arm is out straight and right arm is strumming eight times as you do the taps.
* A total of 8 counts so far.
* Then step out on the left leg and drop the body down and up as you strum the guitar four times dramatically (one count down and one count up = 4 counts) and then jump four times on the spot, punching the right arm in the air four times over four counts.
* A total of two counts of eight from start to finish.

3. Union Jack

*Make a wide V with the feet by stepping out on the left leg then out on the right leg and then bring the left leg back in and the right leg back. Repeat, one count for each step = a total of eight counts
*The arms are mimicking and moving at the same time as the feet – left arm out to a wide angle followed by the right and then bring them back in and down as the feet come in, hands are in fists.
* You have made the diagonal part of the Union Jack flag.
* Then you move on to making the cross part of the flag by punching both arms forward, bring them back in and then out and back in. Feet stay stationary. On the out, your arms should be in your peripheral so that you don’t punch the person standing next to you and the odd number bibs arms should be on top of the evens.
* You do this twice over eight counts.
* You then wave the flag by taking both arms to the left and then the right, left, right for two counts for each wave (concert style but with jazz hands!) Total of eight counts.
* You then salute the flag by doing Tash’s signature step!
* Cross you arms over your chest (left hand on top) then take both arms to your shoulders, then drop the by your side and then clap both hands together. Repeat.
* One count for each move totaling eight counts.
* Whole section totals four eights.

4.Buckingham Palace

* Step out on the left leg and at the same time push both hands up to the left diagonal, then repeat to the right – over four counts. (Make this bouncy and funky to the words ‘Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace’).
* Push down to the left for two counts and then down to the right for two counts – ‘Where’s the Queen, Where’s the Queen’
* Then a sharp and strong point to the left (1 count) and bring the arm down (1 count) and then the same with the right arm, (bring the arm down as strongly as it points out!), this is to ‘There she is, there she is’.
Over four counts.
* Then both hand up in the air for one count and then down for one count, to OOOEEE!
* Finishing with clapping the hands behind your back for one count and in front of your back for one count on ‘Cup of tea!’
* Knees stay nice and relaxed in this.
* This section is two counts of eight in total.

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