February 3, 2005 in Dating

Are You Still Dating RBG?

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So my family and friends continue to ask me if Racquetball Guy and I are still dating. Heck, Racquetball Guy asked me the other night if he still had a girlfriend. I turned the question back on him and asked if we have truly acted like a couple these last few months. Granted we still talk to each other almost every day, we haven’t gone out on a proper date for some time. Now there are legitimate reasons for why we are not out painting the town red, but it does not really explain why we do not see each other more often. Having said that, no we have not officially broken up. Perhaps we are both too afraid to say the words. We really do still love each other dearly. However, there are certain challenges that have presented themselves and while I am willing to work together to solve said challenges, Racquetball Guy wants to go it alone. Therefore, whereas months before we were planning a future together, we are now planning to make moves in separate directions. The door to a possible future together is not completely closed, but to make that happen, we need to step back, focus on our individual challenges and just concentrate on being friends.

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