July 15, 2003 in Personal

Another Strange Dream

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I woke up this morning remembering a dream from last night. It was just horrible. It started with me getting off the #77 Belmont bus and immediately loosing feeling in most of my body. I was screaming for help as I went down, but no one could hear me. No one came to help. Then I dreamt I was in the hospital and I kept worrying about who was taking care of Choo-Choo. I was also worried about who would take care of me when I got out the hospital. I was upset that I hadn’t made any plans for both of us. They tell people who have kids to make contingency plans in the event something awful happens, but no one had counseled me on doing the same for Choo-Choo. I kept worrying because I couldn’t find anyone to take care of him. It was all so very sad. I suppose I stressed myself out so much in the dream that I woke up not just with a headache, but now an earache. I even thought of blowing off my second day of CRM training to head straight to my doctor’s office. Luckily, she called just as I was leaving for work and after relaying my symptoms; she thinks I might just have a sinus headache. Yes, she assured me, they can last for a very long time. So, I’m taking an over the counter drug that she recommended and I’m going to see her tomorrow afternoon. I suppose I’ll live until then. But I’m so panicky about everything now I just might insist on a comprehensive exam; heck, maybe even x-rays. So thank goodness for health insurance.

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  1. July 17, 2003 at 5:35 am


    Have you ever considered, (or do already), studying your dreams? You can learn a lot from what your subconscious mind is telling you.
    I’ve written my dreams down over the years, (just never for the public). At one point, I was having such crazy, off the wall dreams that I kept a tape recorder by my bed so that when I woke up, I’d narrate the dreams before I forgot about them.
    You’ve given me another good idea for posts.
    Hmmm…maybe not. I have some messed up dreams…people might start thinking I’m crazy and not come back. HA!

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