August 23, 2003 in Entertainment

American Splendor

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I’m home on a Saturday night in the summer, which is almost a no for a single gal in the city. But, it’s been a hectic week, and I really just want to relax. Earlier today I spent most of the day cleaning my apartment. I keep telling myself that I’m not going to let things pile up, but they just do and sometimes it’s so overwhelming to get things back in order. In any event, I went out last night. First stop of the evening was Crush. This was my second time there in a week. Last night they had a happy hour for the Michigan alumni association since the board chose them as the new official game watching bar. Of course, some Michigan fans will always go to Duffy’s on Saturdays to watch Michigan football, but at least with Crush, we’ll get drink and food specials. After the happy hour, headed to the movies where I finally got a chance to see American Splendor. I was not to be disappointed. As indicated at, “the story is based on the real life of Harvey Pekar (Paul Giamatti), a curmudgeonly Cleveland Hospital file clerk who writes comic books about his everyday experiences. Pekar serves as narrator and appears as himself occasionally as well, as interviews, file footage, and re-enacted scenes are blended to form a docudrama.” It was such a delightful film that most people in the audience clapped as the credits rolled. In my opinion, it’s worthy of two thumbs up.

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