December 22, 2002 in Politics

All in the Family

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Continuing on with my nepotism theme, here is a great website for keeping up with nepotism in American politics.
Along the same lines, below is the abstract for Op-Ed Column written by Paul Krugman for New York Times which profiles the rise in nepotism.
November 22, 2002, Friday
The Sons Also Rise
By PAUL KRUGMAN (NYT) 773 words
Late Edition – Final , Section A , Page 27 , Column 1
ABSTRACT – Paul Krugman Op-Ed column finds that inherited status is making comeback in nation that has always valued upward mobility; points to Pres Bush and his brother Jeb, Elizabeth Cheney, with specially created State Department job, Eugene Scalia, top lawyer at Labor Department, and Janet Rehnquist, inspector general at Health and Human Services; adds that inheritability of status will be mightily reinforced by repeal of estate tax, example of odd way in which public policy benefits the wealthy even as society becomes more class-ridden (S)
To read the full article, go here: The Unofficial Paul Krugman Archives. Click on columns link.

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