December 24, 2006 in Dating, Montserrat, Travel

Airport Guy

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I’m not sure what has come over me. I have these crazy thoughts and feelings for Airport Guy. Considering I just met him a few days ago, I find the whole thing a bit scary to be honest. Plus even though I’m emotional, outwardly I am quite guarded. Not here, my emotions seem to be running away with me.
I saw him again tonight at festival village. We talked and I found out that he had transcribed my local number incorrectly. We have corrected the situation so we’ll see what happens. Part of me wants to let my hair down but the more reserved side of me is holding me back.
Also, things were a bit contained, as I was actually at the festival with someone else. I know, quite scandalous! Actually, it was all rather innocent. It was the guy who offered to be my tour guide. That said, I found myself totally distracted after Airport Guy showed up shortly after midnight. Thus at 3am, I called it a night. It was just too frustrating looking across the park at someone I wanted to get to know, while trying to have polite conversation with another.

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