February 9, 2003 in Entertainment

Adaptation and City of God

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I went to my local Borders today to pick up this months’ book club selection and ended up seeing two movies at the theatre next door. First movie I saw this afternoon was Adaptation, a somewhat twisted story about screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (Nicolas Cage) who is having difficulty writing a screenplay about Susan Orlean’s (Meryl Streep) nonfiction novel The Orchid Thief. I’m not entirely sure I liked the movie, with its endless twist and turns — especially the Hollywood ending, but it left me wanting more. Maybe that’s why I went to see a second film. In City of God a photographer named Rocket tells the stories of his childhood growing up in one of the most crime-ridden areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stories are completely shocking as “some” children grow up using hard drugs (forget marijuana think cocaine) and killing people like there is nothing to it. While the cops would appear every now and then, they were on the take to the drug dealers. This made me wonder about the parents. Everything and everyone is out of control. A sad story but as Reel.com indicated in their review, wildly entertaining.

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