April 14, 2006 in Health

Acute Bronchitis

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The Easter break turns out to be a long four day weekend. Not only do I get Good Friday off, but next Monday is a bank holiday. However, unlike most people, I will not be out having fun. I’m housebound — stuck in bed. Main reason is that I’ve picked up a viral respiratory infection (most likely from work — again!), that comes with a nasty chest cough. Really acute bronchitis that’s one step away from full fledged pneumonia.
Initially, I didn’t think it was that serious. However, after coughing to the point of pewking non stop for two days, I went to the doctor who made the diagnosis. He has me on two different medications plus an inhaler like the ones used by asthmatics. I suppose it could be worst, but when you can feel every cough down by your ribs, that’s bad enough. So hopefully the symptoms won’t last beyond the typical 7 to 10 days. Either way, I have to go back on Tuesday so that the doctor can give me the all clear.

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