April 11, 2011 in Dating


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MrFixItGuy called again on Saturday. I didn’t answer the land line calls but I ended up speaking to him as he called my mobile number much later from a number I didn’t recognise. So basically I was tricked into the conversation.
Again, he just wanted to check in and say hello and oh yeah, ask for another chance. There was a major whiff of desperation and genuineness in his voice and a few month ago when I wasn’t as strong as I am now, I would have agreed. But I held my ground and reiterated all the reasons why we shouldn’t be together. He says things would be different as he now realises how foolish he’s been. Even if I did believe him, the fact is that we simply do not have enough in common to go the distance. So it really makes no sense to try again. We would just end up causing further heartache.
On another note, a childhood friend (now to be known as ScandinaviaGuy) introduced me to one of his friends who lives in London (now to be known as EngineerGuy). I spoke to EngineerGuy on Sunday via Skype and we tentatively agreed to meet up. Whether we do or not, only time will tell. He sounds a bit damaged — meaning his heart has been broken one too many times! That said, ScandinaviaGuy is so confident that we are a match, he has named his price for being matchmaker. It’s a trip to Guam but of course he doesn’t expect this until after we are married. He thinks that will happen in two years tops. I laugh….
On another front, another male friend from my childhood (now to be known as CanadaGuy) sent an email via Facebook to say that he was surprised to read via my blog that I was still single. Based on my trials and tribulations, his recommendation was to look outside my race as “there comes a time when you either have to settle for less than what you truly want or go outside your comfort zone to find what you need.”
I’ve been reflecting on what he said as this was the second time in as many weeks that the recommendation had been made. Another friend – this one a girl – had told me I needed to go find a white man! She just didn’t see my needs being met by a brotha! Now having dated outside my race at University, I’m not opposed to the idea.
Heck, I even had a date a few weeks ago with PublisherGuy who is Caucasian! I met him earlier in the year at a soiree at the Trinidad & Tobago Embassy. Things didn’t actually amount to much as if I’m honest; I sort of sabotaged the whole thing. How did I do this? Well, I wasn’t timely in my follow up to his initial email, then rescheduled the initial date and oh yeah, engaged in verbal diarrhea when we eventually met up. Not ideal, but at least I’m owning up to the situation.
Anyway, at least there is activity. Of course, it needs to be the right sort of activity so will have a think about joining another online dating site and perhaps signing up for speed dating. It looks like I need to meet a few more frogs before my Prince will make his ultimate appearance.

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