July 17, 2004 in Dating

A Wonderful Surprise

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Thank goodness for rain. Had it not rained last night, I would have gone on a leisurely walk to Navy Pier and would have missed my surprise visit from Racquetball Guy. Even though he had to be in Florida on Saturday morning, he flew to Chicago from St. Thomas. I thought he might come home at some point during the weekend, but I thought it might be Saturday vs. Friday night. In any event, we had a lovely time hanging out. We even went to see I, Robot which was pretty fun. So can’t wait for all his travels to be over. We email and talk every night on the phone, but its tough having him so far away for such long periods of time. But hey, he gets mega bonus points for making the extra effort to come see me.

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  1. July 20, 2004 at 4:51 pm


    You have really found a wonderful person, Miss Ursula. This guy is obviously quite fond of you.
    Best of luck with this relationship.

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