May 20, 2006 in Books

A Woman Is Like The World

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So it has been exactly 10 days since my last blog post. I have thought about posting something many a day, but I just couldn’t get around to it. My body, my mind, my whole being is somewhat preoccupied. What with you ask? Well, I don’t really want to talk about it right now. Oh, it’s nothing serious! So why haven’t I written then? It’s just that when you use your real name in your blog and its not just strangers reading anymore, you start to think twice about what you write. I know, I know…we’ve had this conversation before.
In any event, I’m in the middle of reading Man and Wife by Tony Parsons which is a follow up his blockbuster, Man and Boy. Below is a passage in the book that at first enraged me for its simplistic characterization of women, but then upon further reflection, I sort of agree with.

Eamon: Women change, Harry…What you have to understand is that at different times in her life, a woman is like the world.
Harry: How’s that?
Eamon: Well, from thirteen to eighteen, she’s like Africa – virgin territory. From eighteen to thirty, she’s like Asia – hot and exotic. From thirty to forty-five, she’s like America – fully explored but generous with her resources. From forty-five to fifty-five, she’s like Europe – a bit exhausted, a bit knackered, but still with many place of interest. And from fifty-five onwards, she’s like Australia – everybody knows it’s down there somewhere, but very few will make the effort to find it.

Goodness! Only a man could come up with this stuff and only one who has experienced a whole lot of hurt!

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