May 1, 2003 in Friends

A Voice for the Words

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My best guy friend called me last night. We didn’t really resolve again, just picked up where we left off. We even discussed the possibility of me meeting up with him and his girlfriend next weekend. This is so typical of us. We have a fight (well really me seeking validation) and stop talking for a few weeks. Then one of us calls (usually him — I’m too stubborn) and things go back to normal. Dysfunctional? Yeah, but that keeps things interesting.
It was great that he called because I got to tell him about the phone call earlier in evening from His Written Words. That’s right folks, the person who I have a crush on, called me. OH YEAH! We had communicated via email but the phone call came totally out of the blue. It was such a pleasant surprise! Now I can’t stop smiling and yes that’s all I’m going to say for now.

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