February 23, 2003 in Dating

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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They say you’ll always remember your first. And for whatever reason, something made me think of the first white boy I ever had sexual relations with. For the record, it really is no different. Yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. In any event, this made me look him up on the Internet and voila…I found him without much difficulty. Looks like he’s living close by the University of Michigan. No surprise there. We met my junior year at Michigan. I’m tempted to give him a call but I won’t. Things ended quite badly with us. After 7 months, he left me for another woman on my 21st birthday. Serves me right though. I was cheating with him on my “real boyfriend” who then was a cadet at the Naval Academy. I wasn’t the only one being unfaithful though. My “real boyfriend” who I had known since I was 13 but only started dating my sophmore year, was cheating on me with a woman he later married and is now divorced from. Oh what fond memories! Those were some crazy times.

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