1. July 20, 2004 at 10:12 pm


    Interesting that you are already experiencing spam. Also somewhat surprised as you have MT version 3.0D loaded. Thought it was suppose to protect against those nasty spammers. Oh well. I really am hoping that once I install the blacklist, the spammers will slink away. In the last two days, over 2000 spam comments have been dumped in my blog. I delete and they keep coming back. That’s why I said it was a loosing battle. So keeping fingers crossed that the blacklist plugin will work. If not, I might have to consider some sort of registration tool. It’s not ideal, but it’s either that or turn off comments completely.

  2. July 20, 2004 at 10:02 pm


    Hi Ursula,
    I have a relatively new blog, and have been eagerly awaiting comments. Much to my delight, I saw one today. Then, much to my dismay, I saw it was dreaded spam. Ack…. So, in any case, I sympathize. I’m debating whether or not to require people register through TypeKey before I let them comment, but I’m wondering if that will indeed stop the spam. Even if it does, I wonder how many people that would discourage from commenting?
    In any case, thanks for bringing this subject up (I happened to notice you on the ‘recently updated’ list on MT’s site), and thanks to Heather for her reply.
    Good luck with your blog, and fight against spam!

  3. July 20, 2004 at 9:08 pm


    Thanks Heather. That is really helpful. I only have MT 2.5 installed, so it looks like I have a bit of work to do before I can even install the blacklist. As such, I’m going to get a friend to come over and walk me through the process. I also want to make some improvements to the site, so this my be the push I need to make that happen.

  4. July 20, 2004 at 8:29 am


    I can help. I looove my Blacklist! (must have MT 2.6 or higher)
    Download stuff off of the site. Upload everything to your server in ASCII mode and set permissions to all files as 755. Save files in the following locations:
    mt-blacklist.cgi – save in “cgi-bin” folder
    blacklist.pl – save in “plug-ins” folder
    all the .pm files – save in “extlib/jayallen” folder. The extlib folder is in my cgi-bin folder, but yours may be somewhere else. I created the jayallen folder within the extlib folder.
    That’s it! To get to the list, just type in yoursite/cgi-bin/mt-blacklist.cgi (It should look almost like the path you use to get to your MT main page, just the last file is different).
    Then just get the latest Blacklist from the Blacklist site and copy and paste it into your Blacklist (using the “List” page”). Hit “De-Spam” and revel in all the spam you will single-handedly blow away.
    Any problems, let me know.

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